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We regularly record voice ADR using Source Connect for BBC, ITV and Hollywood  Blockbusters

Special Testimonial from Tim Collins BBC R2 JV Producer

The Jeremy Vine Show is the BBC’s biggest current affairs programme with over 7 million listeners. We broadcast live from Canongate Studios on the day of and the day after the Scottish independence referendum. These were shows of enormous importance as well as complexity but the facilities and support from Alistair were absolutely superb.

We’d thoroughly recommend Canongate Studios

Canongate StudiosBelow are many of our Voice Recording Session Highlights going back several years

 Nov Graham Mctavish Gaming, Sir Chris Hoy Radio PR Day Pampers .Sept  Jumbuck Vera ADR , Suits ADR Gabriel Macht NBC Universal August  Back To Back Prods, Freak Films Arctic Academy 4×30 min dubs BBC , Audible 7 books recorded, Global Radio 1 week dry hire studio 2, Liar Series 2 ADR,  July  Kerr Logan Dead Still ADR , Columbia Pictures Saoirse Ronan Little Woman ADR    June Steven Spielbergs AMBLIN  ADR The Turning. Strange Angel ADR Technicolour.  May Ewen Bremner Radio Programme . Universal TV Chicago Fire ADR . Eamonn Walker Penguin Publishing Mark Beaumont Around the world in 80 days audio book. Goggle Box Craig CashCBS TV Studios ADR.      April Rocket Man ADR Jimmy Vee.      March Scot Doc Institute Dubs STV, Strathmore Publishing Audio Book.     

Jan 19 Victoria ADR Mammoth Screen, Strathmore Publishing Audio Book, Rhona Cameron ADR Two Brothers.      Dec Harper Collins Audio Books, Canongate Publishing Audio Book, The Bold ADR Universal TV.      Nov Victoria ADR, Curfew ADR Tiger Aspect Clive Russell Clique ADR.      Sept Stan & Ollie Trail Shirley Henderson,  Gyles Brandreth Audio Book Random House.

August Ex On The Beach ADR Andrew Maxwell, Dr Who BBC ADR, Ruth Davidson Audio Book Heavy Ent., BBC Wales Dub.       July ADR Frontier June  BBC DangermouseOutlaw King with Clive Russell ADR to Grand Central Source Connect.       May Lee Mack ADR SC Clive Russell   April   Genius Smart Post USA ADR Source Connect Kerr Logan . Wave Studios ISDN . Strathmore Publishing . Penguin Books Prof Dame Sue Black  March   The Times Scotland Irvine Welsh & George Taylor . Fix It Find It Flog It Chan 4 Rhona Cameron Yeti TV . Gogglebox Craig Cash Source Connect Studio Lambert.  Hodder & Stoughton Audio Book.  Feb BBC Danger Mouse Source Connect .  BBC ISDN.  BBC Radio. Fix It Find It Flog It Chan 4 Rhona Cameron    

Jan 18 BBC One Show Tony Singh    Dec ADR Aquarium SC  Clive Russell  Supervised  .BBC R4 .  Encore ADR Source Connect Vera   Nov Yeti TV Fix It Find It Flog It Chan 4 Rhona Cameron . Canongate Books.  Yellow Moon ADR . BBC One ShowFix It Find It Flog It Chan 4  Rhona Cameron. Coast Australia Neil Oliver ISDN  Oct  Strike ADR  . Yellow Moon TV Millie Inbetween ADR Source Connect.  BBC R4BBC  Cardiff Casualty ADR. BBC RadioThe One Show  Ian Rankin        Sept Fix It Find It Flog It Chan 4  Rhona Cameron  August   Source Connect sessions in Post ADR –   Technicolour ADR  with Sharon Duncan-Brewster .Hard Sun ADR with Jamie Sives to Reelsound   .Warner Bros ADR FEAR Walking Dead  with Sam UnderwoodBACK with Robert Webb ADR to Hackenbacker  .Ex On The Beach with Andrew Maxwell ADR to The Farm. Global Radio    July    One Show Tony Singh                  June Jenna Coleman ADR for Victoria linked to De Lane Lea. Ewen Bremner ADR for Will source connect to Goldcrest.. Kerr Logan Strike ADR source connect with Molinaire.         May Scarlett Johansson ADR Rock That Body       March/April ADR Tilda Swinton OKJA  Feb BBC One Show        

Jan 17 ADR Ransom     Dec – Trainspotting 2 trailer ADR for Sony with Ewen Bremner as SPUD.  Trainspotting 2        ADR to Goldcrest.           Nov – Taboo ADR to Boom Post  with Jonathan Pryce.          Oct –  Rogue One Star Wars short ADR session        Sept – Millie with yellow Moon           August – BBC The One Show. Midsomer Murders ADR for Bentley Prods  Source Connect to Goldcrest. Sophie Corbett ISDN to Jungle Studios. A week of Global Radio. BBC Sean Ward “Our Girl” ADR Source Connect to Molinaire            July & June – Coast Australia & UK with Neil Oliver BBC     May  – Game of Thrones  Clive Russell as Brynden Tully HBO.    BBC  One ShowTom Kitchen. April – Horizon BBC with Michael Mosley.     March – One Of Us Gary Lewis ADR on Source Connect Hackenbacker.  The Sky at Night BBC Halo Post.                   Feb – A Monster Calls a Liam Neesan film ADR Lewis MacDougall. Barbara Dickson USP.          

Jan 16 – BBC  One Show.          Dec – Christmas Hols Yay          Nov -ADR Source Connect to Goldcrest Bill Paterson Churchills Secret. ADR De Lane Lea Endeavour Pearl Appleby. Beowulf ITV ADR Molinaire.           Sept – Molinaire ADR Jekyll & Hyde. MTV Ex On The Beach Andrew Maxwell.           August – Rocky Creed prod Sylvester Stallone & MGM ADR with Graham McTavish on Source Connect.  Warner Bros Scooby Doo ADR with Shaggy Matt Lillard. Post Production MTV Ex On The Beach ADR Andrew Maxwell & Farm Post. Stephen K Amos PR day Alex Lowe Job Lot ADR with art for noise. BBC1  One Show Gyles Brandreth. BBC1 Dr.Who ADR with Jaye Griffiths. UKTV John Hannah. Neil Oliver Visit Scotland. July – BBC1 One Show. ADR The Last Ship Source Connect to Smart Post Hollywood.           June – BBC1 One Show with Adam McIntosh.              May – BBC1 One Show with Tom Kitchin. Warner Bros PAN ADR to De Lane Lea.              April – Warner Bros TV  USA ADR Superstition Ruth Connell                March – PAN Warner Bros ADR De Lane Lea. DCI Banks ADR Technicolour & Ben Brazier. HBO Commentary.           Feb – Protools 11 upgrade –          

Jan 15 – Christopher Fairbank ADR Wallander TV – BBC One Show Tigress Adam Mcintosh – Warner Bros De Lane Lea ADR for PAN.          Dec – Ridley Scott “BanishedEwen Bremner. Death In Paradise ADR  Gary lewis. Goldcrest ADR.  Audio Post Production BBC Wales Coast Links.            Nov – One Show  Tigress Productions .                             Sept – BBC Radio 2. Jeremy Vine Show live with Paddy O’ Connell.

ADR for Mr Selfridge with Encore & Jumbuck. Frame SRU Radio Ads.           August – Billy Connolly . Ripper Street ADR with Encore/Deluxe and Clive Russell. Pamela Stephenson production Brazouka. Brian Cox ADR After Braveheart. Grandchester ADR Encore. Midsomer Murders ADR Bentley Productions Art4Noise studio. Fortitude ADR Encore. Global Radio studio 2. The Fall ADR source connect. Ian Rankin . Audio post production ADR Babylon de lane Lea Warner Bros. Dave Channel Radio PR.     July – Exodus ADR FOX Ewen Bremner. Get Santa ADR Ewen Bremner. Love Hate ADR .       June – Marvel Films ADR Guardians Of The Galaxy Disney Sound Stage Karen Gillan .         May – News Night BBC 2 Prof Iain Stewart.          April – Graham Mctavish ADR Sony Playstation – Call of DutyIain Stirling audio post production BBC Radio. MAR – Denise Van Outen The Only Way Is Essex audio post production. UMusic ISDN.       FEB – ALDI TV ISDN McCanns. Crow TV Edinburgh Airport narration BBC TV. Gavin Hastings Radio day Unibet.      

 JAN 14 – ITV Border Life Dub Ep 1 – 9. Subaru Voice Over Source Connect. NOV – BBC Apiny Bang Post ADR Ewen Bremner. Beefeater Gin visitor centre sound scape. ADR Vera ITV Jumbuck. ALDI radio ads ISDN McCanns. Samsung Gate Films. Oct – Dracula ADR Sky Living. Brian Cox. Sept – BBC Radio Nan Gael. August – Ian Rankin. Sky Living channel Dracula ADR. BBC1  One Show Voiceover. Audio Post Production Icon Films One Show BBC1 links Gyles Brandreth. Avalon TV DVD Greg Davies. Lion Eyes TV Admiral 422 TV ISDN. Dave Channel Joke of the Fringe. Benidorm ADR Tiger Aspect & ITV. Sky living & Jumbuck ADR Give Out Girl Poppy & Andy. RTE Love Hate ADR Nidge . Disney ADR Caroline Rhea Phineas & Ferb. BBC Wales ADR Wizards v Aliens. Jumbuck ADR Mummy’s Boys. Sky Living Dracula ADR. July – Michael Sheen BBC Radio Book At Bedtime voice recording.


Canongate StudiosJune – Alexander McCall Smith. Johnnie Walker – Ewen Bremner. Sky living Dracula ADR. May – NHS. Audio Post Production

PR Radio Day. Stemcells Edinburgh University audio post production. March – BBC2 Horizon The Truth About Meteors voiceover. Clarissa-Dickson Wright audio book February – ADR Only Lovers Left Alive Tilda Swinton. ADR Roxanne Pallet December – ADR Filth Jon Baird. November – ISDN ADR Ewen Bremner Snowpiercer and Jack The Giant Slayer. Moray Hunter BBC Radio comedy. ADR Endemol. Random House Alexander McCall-Smith October – BBC Radio 3. ADR Ripper Street Tiger Aspect. ADR Jack The Giant Slayer Warner Bros Ewen Bremner      September -PokerStars. PR Radio Day Aegon ISDN. ISDN Motorola      August – Blue Peter 12 AGAIN Iain Stirling CBBC. Sue Perkins BBC Radio 4. Dr Who ADR Mike McShane BBC 1. Superscrimpers links voiceover Bill Paterson Endemol UK Chan 4. Clarrissa Dickson WrightBreakfast, Lunch & Dinner BBC4. Jack The Giant Slayer Ewen Bremner ADR Warner Bros. Hebburn ADR BBC2. July – Audio Post Production sound Dub Traffic Cops BBC1 Michael Winslow film, Alexander McCall-Smith Radio Day. The Dave channel for live & pre-record radio interviews using G722 APTX and TBU. ADR & ISDN Clash Of The Titans, ISDN Harry Shearer, ISDN Ashley Judd Comm Prod.

Equipment  We have two ISDN suites with Codec’s Prontonet & CDQ Prima 110 featuring CCS -TELOS – ZEPHYR – APTX – G722 and TBU. Source Connect. ProTools 11.   Mics – Neumann TLM 103, Sennheiser 416 and Shure SM93 Lavalier – R128 compliant

We’ve worked with

Sir Sean Connery

Tilda Swinton

Eartha Kitt

Harry Shearer

Jane Horrocks and more – Click STARS for more

Sir Sean’s remark in our visitor’s book reads ” Good pro stuff” -What else can we say?
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